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Mineral & Natural Resource Consulting

TerraWest Consulting’s land professionals serve clients in all phases of energy development. Mineral and natural resource consulting is a field that involves providing expert advice and support to clients who are interested in exploring, developing, or managing mineral and natural resources such as oil, gas, minerals, forests, and water. This can include services such as resource estimation, due diligence, project evaluation, environmental impact assessments, and planning and management of extraction operations. The goal is to help clients make informed decisions about their resources and maximize their economic value while minimizing risk and environmental impact. Regardless of complexity, TerraWest has solutions for your needs. They provide detailed mineral research, lease acquisitions, lease mapping, prospect management, landowner access agreements, and property acquisition/divestiture activities

  • Mineral Title Research/Ownership Determinations/Appraisals
  • Oil and Gas Leasing & Negotiations
  • Surface Location and Access Agreements
  • Drilling Title Opinion Curative Satisfactions
  • Lease and Property Administration
  • Project/Prospect Management
  • Federal Units Creation and Representation
  • Digital and Conventional Abstracting
  • Client Liaison Services
  • Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission Expert Witness
  • Bureau of Land Management Expert Testimony
  • Geographix Land Mapping Software
  • Bank Properties Financing Title Analysis