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Land Stewardship

TerraWest Consulting has a deep history with Land Stewardship. TerraWest has worked with landowners to optimize the conditions for their exotic or endangered wildlife, while increasing landowner satisfaction and confidence with their wildlife program(s). Our services include a team of expert biologists and cutting-edge technology to help landowners achieve their goals of habitat assessment, development, monitoring, and management.

Our consulting team will work to optimize the landscape to serve the native and exotic wildlife either currently on the property, or for future planned species. TerraWest Consulting assists in surveys and inventories of baseline conditions, diversity and density of native and non-native species, as well as development for recruitment and dispersal strategies.

Terrawest Ranch Management
1,600 acres
One of the fundamental components of any Conservation, Mitigation or Carbon Bank is the long-term management and stewardship requirements as outlined in the banking documents. Implementing adaptive management practices can determine the success of the mitigation and whether the Bank Sponsor is in compliance with the recorded Banking Instruments. TerraWest will remove the uncertainty and liability from our clients through our team of environmentally-focused ranch manager programs. Each ranch is paired with specific ranch managers educated and trained in the specific objectives of that project site. These objectives include conservation, preservation, restoration, and enhancement measures outlined in the properties banking agreements.

Our ranch management team offers full-scale oversight and management, including:

❖ Overall ranching operations (cattle, agriculture production, wildlife etc.)
❖ Day-Day management
❖ Asset management
❖ Budgets and accounting
❖ Biological monitoring and reporting, and
❖ Staffing & compliance training

TerraWest concentrates on the success of each ranch’s unique objective and conservation strategy. We maintain a close network of ranching professionals and training programs affiliated with accredited universities nationwide who specialize in inimitable Ranch Management Programs. Our program offers as much or little hands-on involvement from the landowner as desired. With much to enjoy on these large ranches, many of our clients have very little time or desire to get involved in the day-day operations, equipment inventory, prescriptive management actions for vegetation, etc.

The result with TerraWest is a perfectly balanced ranch. Mitigation, durable adaptive management protocols, and recreational enjoyment will converge into an economically viable and worry-free operation.

Find out more about our Ranch Management Program training and recruitment process by clicking here!

Kennington Ranch
1,600 acres

This wetland restoration & wildlife habitat project encompassed a 1600-acre property located in eastern Idaho. The ranch suffered significant habitat degradation prior to the collaborated efforts of TerraWest Consulting. The 24-month project created stream bank stabilization, repaired plant succession due to overgrazing, and created new wetlands and wildlife habitat for waterfowl and big game species.

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Spring Creek Meadows
265 acres

At the confluence of Spring Creek, Crow Creek and the Salt River, the 265-acre spring development project began as TerraWest Consulting was engaged to oversee the creation and restoration of fish and waterfowl habitat. Through a target-based approach the Spring Creek Meadows now provides winter habitat for dozens of trumpeter swans and numerous fish species, including snake river cutthroat.

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Hidden Dell Ranch
2,165 acres

Hidden Dell Ranch is a 2,165-acre private inholding surrounded by public ground. Prior to TerraWest Consulting’s involvement, the property had been overgrazed and suffered significant vegetation loss. Hidden Dell underwent an extensive habitat restoration effort to enhance stream banks, wetlands, and wildlife habitat. Subsequently, more than 12 acres of wetlands and fish passage were created for the Bonneville Cutthroat, and several big game species now thrive on the property.

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Cottonwood Creek Ranch
2,155 acres

This historic 2,155-acre ranch contains over 7 miles of Cottonwood Creek, and nearly a half a mile of the Green River in Western Wyoming. TerraWest Consulting protected crucial migration corridors for mule deer, antelope and moose. This was accomplished in multiple phases by reclaiming degraded habitat and restoring native vegetation communities.

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Mayfield Spring
4,200 acres

From 2003 to 2010 TerraWest Consulting owned the Mayfield Spring as part of their habitat conservation portfolio. During this period over 23 meandering miles of Hams Fork River were fenced and protected, and mother nature healed. Currently this 4,200-acre ranch is home to multiple sensitive and protected species, including Sage Grouse, Pygmy rabbits, Colorado & Snake River Cutthroat, Rainbow & German Brown Trout.

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Hufford Ranch
3,200 acres

The 3,200-acre historic Hufford Ranch borders a Migratory Bird Refuge, and incorporated both ecological restoration strategies as well as the restoration of several historic structures. Terrawest was contracted to enhance native grassland habitat, develop springs and ponds, and restore several early cir.1800 homesteads.

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Burton Springs Ranch
245 acres

Restoration efforts began when biologists identified record-high levels of ecoli in the springs and ponds on this 245-acre ranch. Following creek bank stabilization and a full-scale livestock management plan, fish passages were re-established for the native fish species, including Snake River Cutthroat and German Brown Trout. Several ponds and wetlands were restored, and subsequently White-Tail deer, Canadian Geese and the Trumpeter Swan have been reintroduced to the ranch.

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Prairie Creek Ranch
710 acres

Prairie Creek Ranch is a 710-acre property located in Western Wyoming, approximately 100 miles south of Grand-Teton National Park. Wildlife habitat goals were accomplished when Wyoming’s main big game migration corridor was once again occupied by Mule Deer, Antelope and Moose. Wetland restoration and spring development strategies restored the ranch to its designated Blue-Ribbon Fishery status.

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Bear River Meadows

Bordered by a US Migratory Bird Refuge and containing over seven miles of the meandering Bear River, Bear River Meadows possesses some of the most beautiful and natural landscapes in the region. Providing year-round habitat for several big game species, fish, waterfowl and the Greater Sage Grouse, TerraWest Consulting has conducted wildlife habitat enhancements, stream restoration projects, and a Phase II site remediation plan.

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Bateman Ranch
20 acres

This 20-acre property has undergone extensive management and restoration efforts. The enhancement of fish passage and wetland areas has created spawning beds for several species of native trout.

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Nield Ranch
3000 acres

Located in Western Wyoming, this property contains nearly 3,000 feet of Salt River frontage and holds several natural spring creeks throughout. Terrawest was consulted to develop riverbank stabilization and develop and enhance existing waterfowl habitat.

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Trumpeter Ranch
200 acres

This 200-acre ranch was heavily overgrazed when Terrawest was engaged to restore and enhance the native landscapes. Initially fencing out livestock, Terrawest ultimately created a 16 acre pond and fish habitat, and enhanced dozens of natural spring creeks throughout the project site. Now home to dozens of Trumpeter Swans, White-Tail deer, Mule Deer and Moose, this property is part of an ongoing preservation site managed by TerraWest Consulting.

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